The Plainest Book: Revelation (out of print)



Anthony E. Larson was the first author to explain the relationship between scriptural accounts of catastrophic plagues and the irregular motion of planets in our solar system; the first to connect errant heavenly bodies with the signs of the last days; the first to discern the truth about the earth’s ancient history and its effect upon the language of the Prophets. And as if that wasn’t enough, he has done it again. In this book, Anthony Larson has made this mystery plain. He touches upon all the most enigmatic passages of the Book of Revelation: the baffling dragon with seven heads and ten horns, the mystic woman with the crown of stars, the ominous star Wormwood, the four strange looking beasts and the mysterious mark of the beast! Even more significant is the fact that he plainly and understandingly explains what John the Revelator wished to say to his readers about Jesus Christ, the Last Days, the Second Coming and the Millennium. If the Book of Revelation has seemed indecipherable, you will want to read this book. Anyone who has struggled to grasp John’s meanings will find this book enlightening and inspirational. Thanks to the author, the future has become a little less mysterious. (Out of print.)

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