E-Book Announcement!

Due to the demand of readers in a growing digital marketplace, we are pleased to announce the release of “The Prophecy Trilogy” in e-book format.
This trilogy consists of three volumes:

  • Volume I, “And The Moon Shall Turn To Blood,”
  • Volume II, “And The Earth Shall Reel To And Fro,”
  • and Volume III, “And There Shall Be A New Heaven And A New Earth.”

First published in hardback and featured in Deseret Book outlets over 30 years ago, the information these three books present is as relevant and timely today as it was then. No believing and practicing Latter-day Saint should be without this vital information. For your convenience, now you can download them in any popular format and read them on your own digital device.

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Earth’s History Is Different Than You May Think

This is the saga of our home planet . . . Earth . . . and her progeny, the human race. Our mission: To seek out our origins, our past and our future; to fathom the forgotten history bequeathed us by our ancestors—a record compiled by prophets, seers and revelators; to decipher their epic message; to uncover the foundations of all religion and tradition; to boldly go where only visionaries have gone before.

These above are the three pillars (three witnesses, if you will, as required in scripture) of this revolutionary, yet ancient, interpretation of all things. Each supports and confirms the others; each is dependent upon the others. To stand firm, this approach requires all three, like the legs of a stool.