Cutting Edge Science

Plasma physics, learn and explore the electric universe

We are all painfully aware of the conflict between science and religion. But those contradictions disappear when we examine the historical record in light of the tenets of the Electric Universe, a new theory of how the worlds came into being and how they are governed.

Plasma Physics

Surprisingly, the embryonic and cutting edge field of plasma physics holds the key to much prophetic symbolism. Laboratory experiments reproduce on a microscopic scale the very real, colossal and awe-inspiring images that appeared in Earth’s ancient heavens on a macroscopic scale. These images the ancients then carved in wood and stone to memorialize them for later generations. They reverenced them and sought to preserve those images down through time. We call the images and monuments the ancients produced petroglyphs, hieroglyphs, totems and megaliths (menhirs). They all have one thing in common: They reverenced things once seen in Earth’s ancient skies, things considered super human and sacred.

It is truly remarkable that an entirely new scientific field of endeavor would produce solid, irrefutable evidence of things once seen in our heavens by our ancestors. Such is the outcome of research and experiments in plasma physics.

The Electric Universe

A study of ancient planetary realities, as envisioned by researchers Immanuel Velikovsky, Dave Talbott et al, forces a reinterpretation of modern astronomical theory. What immediately leaps to the fore is the role of electricity and the colossal electromagnetic forces it generates in the universe.

We learn that electrical fields permeate and envelop, energize and control all bodies in space. We discover that stars or suns are really electromagnetic engines, not thermonuclear at all. That means that nature generates light the same way we do on Earth: with electricity.

We are amazed to find that stars are strung through the galaxies like lights on a Christmas tree, connected by vast “rivers” of electrical current, flowing unseen and invisible through space.

Our Earth, like all the planets in our solar system is governed by the electrical forces that originate in our local star, the sun. It controls our weather, our bodies and our very wellbeing.

Perhaps most surprising of all, we can now see that electrical energy is the power of God, the power he uses to govern and preside in the eternities. No wonder the words “power,” “glory,” “light” and “knowledge” are used interchangeably in scripture. They are.