Salt Lake Temple
Salt Lake Temple

The ideas presented within are, in some ways, a departure from current, mainstream LDS thought. Reading them may be detrimental to your view of the past, present and future.

But, you should also know that there is nothing presented here that is contrary to the Restored Gospel and the words of our modern-day prophets. In fact, this author’s theories rely heavily upon the revealed wisdom that came to Joseph Smith in the Restoration.

However, you will discover that you’ve not heard these concepts presented in General Conference recently or by your Gospel Doctrine instructor. They will seem somewhat unfamiliar and a bit unusual. Yet, I urge you to suspend judgment initially, because they can be of inestimable value in your quest to embrace the fullness of the gospel.

Additionally, these are expansive topics that can be hard to get your mind around. It takes time and effort to absorb them and assimilate them into your worldview. They range from astronomy to prophecy, from geology to gospel doctrine, from science to religion.

Joseph Smith and the Temple

But, if you will make the effort, you will be amply rewarded. Most certainly, it will augment your comprehension of the Restoration and the Prophet Joseph Smith and your testimony and conviction of the Restored Gospel. It will also give you a unified system for interpreting the symbolism of the scriptures as a whole and prophecy in particular. Lastly, but most importantly, it will provide a basis for understanding latter-day temple iconography and ritual—something hard to find anywhere in the church.

If you have an inquiring mind and a thirst for truth, I recommend this material to you.