The Restored Gospel

Teachings of Joseph Smith, modern revelation, temple symbolism and ritual

The Teachings Of The Prophet, Joseph Smith

It all begins with the teachings of the prophet, Joseph Smith. He is our touchstone, our guide, our standard bearer. From him, we discover vital keys to symbolism in prophetic writings. Swayed by mainstream religious and scientific preconceptions, most LDS scholars overlook and misunderstand these keys.

Modern Revelation

These novel explanations open the doors to the complete meaning of the revealed word of God in scripture, both ancient and modern. Texts revealed in the Restoration acquire new and vital meaning in this new context: the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price.

We learn that the prophets had their own language, one based in imagery that emerged from the ancients’ perception of things seen in Earth’s ancient skies, cosmic events and conditions of epic proportions. This visionary lexicon became the customary vocabulary for all prophets, the very bedrock terminology of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Temple Symbolism And Ritual

Not surprisingly, those same cosmic events inspired ritual reenactments in ancient temples, a way to remember by rehearsing those interplanetary events in a personal way. Joseph reinstated these temple rituals in the Restoration as a way to honor those traditions and teach this generation the celestial truths treasured and venerated by the prophets.

Sadly, most church members are unaware of these truths because they have long since been eliminated from our cultural training, secular and sectarian. So, a vital and inspiring part of the message in the scriptures and our temples goes over their heads. In effect, it is invisible to them—even though it is right before them, hiding in plain sight.

The good news is that with a little study and training, you can learn to read the scriptures as easily as you would read the newspaper or a magazine. And you will be able to see the symbolic message in the scriptures, the teachings of the prophets and the Savior, as well as the meaning of the endowment rituals and temple icons that meant little to you before.

This study constitutes a quantum leap forward in comprehending the restoration of all things.