Parallel Histories: The Nephites and the Americans (out of print)



Latter-day Saints have not typically thought of the Book of Mormon as prophetic. Yet, that may have been one of its primary, but unstated, purposes. When Mormon set out to write the Book of Mormon, he knew what was to befall the Gentiles who would one day inhabit this continent. After seeing them in vision and comparing their doings to those of his people, the Nephites, he noticed remarkable similarities and carefully edited and composed his record to illuminate the parallels between the Nephite and Gentile nations. Yet, it seems, that we who read the book today almost completely miss that point. We read the Book of Mormon, but we fail to understand that subtle message. As it turns out, American history is foreshadowed in Nephite history — beginning to end. But even more informative, recent American history and futurity are paralleled by events in Helaman. That is, we can know what will happen in both our immediate and distant future by reading the Book of Mormon! (Out of print)

To learn the information in this book, we suggest you attend the online course of the same name, “Parallel Histories: The Nephites and the Americans.”


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