Testimonials Submissions


  • An HD camera is a must (your phone camera will suffice IF you can mount it securely so there is no shaking during filming). If using phone please film in high quality.
  • We can try to use videos from a webcam, but cannot guarantee inclusion as these are typically low-quality.
  • Film in LANDSCAPE orientation (wide view). Do not film in portrait orientation (tall/thin)


Ideal camera angle and side-space
Ideal camera angle and side-space
  • Film in a quiet place… good quality audio is KEY! What you say is 10 times more important than how you look.
  • The background is not very important – just nothing messy or distracting in the background. Please ensure there is plenty of light on your face so we can see you clearly.
  • Ideally, have someone “interview you” by asking you the questions below. Sit on a stool or low-back chair and face the interviewer (not the camera). The camera should be filming you slightly off-angle (see photo).
  • If you are alone, set up the camera “as if” someone was interviewing you and answer the interview questions as though someone had asked you (ie. look into the “eyes” of where the interviewer would be sitting and wait a few moments before answering the questions. Keep answer to the questions succinct (ideally 10-15 seconds long… slightly longer if your answer is AWESOME)
  • Please submit your un-edited film with 5 seconds lead time before and after the video (so we can remove any mild background noise). If it’s easier – you can submit multiple clips with each clip answering one of the questions below.
What to Submit
  • Format – preferably MP4, but we’ll take whatever you have.
  • Submit using Dropbox or some other file-sharing service. Ask if unsure. Through email, we’ll find a way to get the video file from you.
  • You name and where you’re from (City, State/Prov, Country)
  • Email a link to your clips to anthonyelarson@gmail.com
Questions to answer in the video
  1. How has this affected your testimony of the gospel?
  2. How has this affected your ongoing gospel/scripture study?
  3. Could you have learned this material on your own? (ie. is the aggregation of materials in the classes valuable)
  4. Are the classes worth the price ($10/ea)
  5. Could you have learned all of the class contents from the Prophecy Trilogy books or from another source?
  6. What would you say to someone who is considering the classes but not sure?
  7. What else would you like to say about the classes/content?
* By submitting a testimonial you grant us full permission to use the audio and video images of you at our discretion for the purposes of promoting the web page Mormon Prophecy (books, classes, etc) and the promotion efforts of Anthony E. Larson.